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Non-Linear Memory Machine

Non-Linear Memory Machine

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The Non-Linear Memory Machine is an audio buffer device. Set to a short buffer length, the NLMM is capable of creating alien phaser sounds to reverb and delays. While in a longer buffer length Frippertronics / time lag accumulator style looping is available.



Controls the delay time of the signal. The delay time can span from a few milliseconds to up to 15 seconds, depending on the buffer length. Unlike analog delays like tape or BBD delays, when modulated the pitch of the signal does not drift. Instead, it compresses and expands time in interesting textures via a custom time-stretching algorithm. When activating Freeze via the freeze switch, this knob functions as the play head's position within the buffer.


Randomizes the Time/Scrub control, adding random jitters to the position of the playhead and diffuses the signal in a way that can be utilized as a pseudo reverb effect. (experiment with the Time/Scrub knob and Feedback knob to create glitchy reverbs.)


Pitch shifts the signal +- 1 octave. This knob snaps to perfect 5ths and an octave but you can dial it in between intervals. Nice crunchy aliasing when pitch shifting is applied.


Crossfades between the dry signal and processed wet signal.


Feedbacks the delayed signal back into the input. Set it up to 4’o’clock when in Medium or Long mode to experiment with TLA or Frippertronic style looping.


Switch between delay ranges according to the list below.

\SHORT – 20ms ~ 320ms

\\MEDIUM – 320ms ~ 1.6sec

\\\LONG – 1.45sec ~ 15sec


The Freeze switch acts like an infinite sustain pedal, but you can also scrub through the buffer with the time/scrub knob when activated. Red means recording, and unlit means the buffer is frozen / not recording. Great for practicing scales or droning away.


Current Draw

+12v … 110mA

-12v … 20 mA

Module Width … 12hp

Module Depth … 250mm (w/ IDC PowerCable … 450mm)

Audio Input Range … 15vpp

Cv Input Range … +-5v

Sampling Rate 22050hz

Stereo input / output

32-bit processor, 24-bit custom dsp hardware.


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